Landscape Management & Maintenance


We offer comprehensive landscape management solutions for our residential clients. We can tailor our services from complete landscape management packages to less involved maintenance where we combine our work with a mix of the property owner’s involvement, all dependent on the needs of the client. We will tailor the frequency of visits to the property’s specific needs and we will work to maximize the value, aesthetics, health, and overall quality of each property.


Our landscape management solutions for commercial properties are as comprehensive as those for the residential clients. We can tailor solutions specifically for each property, and will work with property managers and/or property owners to maximize their ROI. Our attention to detail and our use of technology will help ensure that no landscape component goes unnoticed. We will work to ensure that each property is brought to and maintained at its best potential. Our team will strive to ensure the landscapes throughout the commercial spaces reflect the high caliber that lies within the buildings on each of those properties. 

We will then add in the list similar to the construction. Whether that be bullet points or displayed in another format. Just to show all the maintenance components we offer.

  • Lawn care (mowing, edging, and aerating)
  • Leaf and debris removal (including leaf blowing and leaf vacuuming)
  • Plant, bush, and shrub pruning
  • Plant fertilization
  • Lawn fertilization
  • Irrigation control
  • Pest and disease control (plants, shrubs, and bushes)
  • General yard clean-up
  • Artificial turf care (Brushing, odor-control, and weed-control)
  • Power wash hardscape areas
  • Drainage clean-out services
  • Sump pump maintenance and replacements