About Us

Sepulveda Landscaping, Inc.

Sepulveda Landscaping, Inc. is a family-owned business that provides complete landscaping services for residential and commercial properties. Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Sepulveda Landscaping offers its clients comprehensive solutions that are specifically tailored to each individual property and for the specific needs of our clients. Father and son founders Ricardo and Aldo Sepulveda bring a combined 41 years of experience to the industry. Their respective skill set has united to develop a company that focuses highly on the needs of our clients without sacrificing the quality nor the professionalism of the work. 

Ricardo Sepulveda comes from an electrical background, having spent over 15 years working as an electrician with part of that time as a linesman. This knowledge and expertise has allowed us to expand the services offered by Sepulveda Landscaping to include complete outdoor living solutions in the residential sector and has expanded the capabilities of services in the commercial sector. Over the years, Ricardo has remained passionate about continuing to learn new installation, maintenance, and repair methods and as a result the services we offer have continued to grow. His dedication has enabled us to offer specialty services such as gas line installations for landscaping solutions. For additional information on services we offer, please visit our “Services” section.


Aldo Sepulveda received his bachelors in Business Administration from the University of San Diego. His entrepreneurial mindset has helped shape and evolve Sepulveda Landscaping, Inc. since its formation. Similar to Ricardo, Aldo has been passionate about knowledge and education. This has helped ensure that over time Aldo, as well as the entire team, has continued to learn about horticulture, irrigation, drainage, concrete, masonry, electrical, gas, and other landscaping components. The continued growth has helped sharpen our teams skillset and has helped us ensure that we evolve ahead of the curve within the landscape industry. Aldo has always been an advocate for the use of technology in an industry that historically struggled to adopt. Through the use of technology and education, we are able to provide a unique experience for our clients as we help create value through their landscaping projects.